US 2023/0036356 A1

Integrated process for manufacturing
hydraulically hardening building material

(22) 08.10.2020

(43) 02.02.2023

(57) A method for manufacturing hydraulically hardening build-ing materials, includes the steps of:

providing concrete demolition waste with a maximum particle size of up to 150 mm as a starting material,

mixing the starting material with water to form a feed-stock slurry,

introducing carbon dioxide or a precursor thereof into the feedstock slurry to form carbonated concrete fines in an amount from 1 to 100 wt.-% of the hardened binder contained in the starting material and to detach the concrete fines from the aggregate contained in the starting material to form a product slurry, and

mixing the product slurry with a cement forming the building material, and use of the obtainable building material for manufacturing building structures as well as method for manufacturing a supplementary cementitious material slurry.

(71) HConnect 2 GmbH, Heidelberg (DE)

(73) HConnect 2 GmbH, Heidelberg (DE)


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