WO 2023/054239 A1

Method for fixing carbon dioxide, method for producing calcium carbonate, and method for utilizing waste gypsum board

(22) 26.09.2022

(43) 06.04.2023

(57) The present invention provides a method whereby carbon dioxide can be efficiently fixed and calcium carbonate, which is a valuable, can be efficiently produced from the carbon dioxide, and whereby waste gypsum boards can be effectively utilized for fixing carbon dioxide without being discarded. This method comprises a first step, in which a first solution, which contains an alkali metal hydroxide, is brought into contact with a gas including carbon dioxide to thereby yield a second solution, which contains an alkali metal salt, and a second step, in which the second solution is brought into contact with a gypsum-containing substance to thereby yield calcium carbonate.

(71) Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd., Tokyo (JP); Yamaguchi University, Yamaguchi (JP); Kyushu University, National University Corporation, Fukuoka (JP)WWW


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