CN117776560 A

Method for testing dosage
of phosphorus slag powder replacing
cement in inorganic binder

(22) 21.11.2023

(43) 29.03.2024

(57) The invention discloses a method for testing the amount of phosphorus slag powder replacing cement in an inorganic binder. Characterized in that; the mechanical property of the phosphorus slag powder is researched by selecting the basic mix proportion and 7-day unconfined compressive strength under the conditions of 20%, 30% and 40% of the use amount of the replacement cement; the test method comprises the following steps: adopting a standard curing method, wherein the temperature in a curing room is 20 +/-2 DEG C, and the humidity is greater than or equal to 95%; for an unconfined compressive strength test, the test piece is taken out in the last day of the curing period and soaked in water of 20 DEG C +/-2 DEG C, and the water surface is 2.5 cm higher than the top surface of the test piece. If the test piece has obvious defects in the curing period, the test piece should be abandoned; taking out the test piece soaked in water for 24 hours, wiping the surface moisture, placing the test piece on a press machine, loading at the speed of 1mm/min, and recording the maximum pressure when the test piece is damaged. On the basis of testing the physical and mechanical properties (unconfined compression resistance) of the phosphorus slag powder after replacing part of cement, the phosphorus slag powder is used as an admixture to replace part of cement to be applied to the cement stabilized gravelly soil.

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