WO 2023/101873 A1

Oxygen injection for alternative fuels used in cement production

(22) 23.11.2022

(43) 08.06.2023

(57) Provided is a system for enhancing combustion in a kiln, including a kiln combustion chamber disposed within the kiln, the kiln combustion chamber having an atmosphere therein; a main burner for heating the atmosphere; a calciner assembly for providing a substance to be heated into the kiln combustion chamber; a precalciner including a precalciner combustion chamber disposed within the precalciner for receiving a biomass fuel for combustion in the precalciner combustion chamber, the precalciner combustion chamber in communication with the kiln combustion chamber; and a precalciner oxygen injector in fluid communication with the precalciner combustion chamber for providing a first oxygen stream into the biomass fuel for the combustion. A related apparatus and method for enhancing combustion with oxygen and biomass fuel are also provided.

(71) Messer Industries USA, Inc., Wilmington, New Castle, DE 19808 (US), Messer
Austria GmbH, 2352 Gumpoldskirchen (AT)


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