Streamlining bulk material logistics with mobile apps

In a world driven by digital advancements, the bulk materials industry is challenged to overcome manual processes and paper-based documentation. This article explores the significant improvements that a mobile ticketing app can bring to the delivery workflow for material suppliers, offering a smooth, paperless, and highly efficient solution.

The need for digitization in logistics

Managing bulk materials like cement, lime, gypsum or calcium carbonate also involves a complex process of handling delivery data and documents. Moving away from a paper-based workflow to digital delivery data management (not only PDF delivery bills!) implies a shift toward sustainable, transparent, and error-free processes. Any data inconsistencies can disrupt the entire supply chain, emphasizing the importance of efficient digitization. Mobile ticketing apps for truck drivers and other users offer a powerful solution by expediting information exchange and ensuring reliable delivery data availability for all involved parties.

Key areas for mobile ticketing apps

Delving into the specifics, the introduction of a mobile ticketing app offers benefits across various stages of the logistics workflow. The app facilitates creation and distribution of digital delivery tickets at the plant checkout of the driver. The full benefit can be achieved when it is online connected to the system, controlling the delivery process at the plant, like the Axians VAS Yard management.

The journey from the plant to the receiver becomes not just a physical transit, but a legal and informational documentation process, providing instructions for the driver and a means of control if needed as well as simply a better customer experience for many other participants in the process.

Upon reaching the mixing plant or construction site, the app aids in unloading by providing instructions and digital delivery data to the receiver through methods like QR rescanning. Electronic proof of delivery adds a layer of efficiency and accountability to the unloading process. It should be noted that a PDF document alone might be a first step, but in many cases is not sufficient. Data and data mappings become in parallel important to the processes.

Expanding Ticket App to the entire process chain at the plant

Going beyond, even the entire process chain for the truck driver at the plant can be seamlessly managed and eased through a mobile app. From the factory arrival, where check-in occurs by scanning a QR code, to directing the driver to the correct loading point, a mobile app, synchronized with a Yard Management System like Axians VAS, can automate and simplify all process steps. Even an automated loading process, triggered by scanning the QR Code at a self-service terminal is possible.

The mobile ticketing solution in action

Coming back to the functional core of a mobile app like the Axians Ticket App, the operational delivery flow unfolds as follows:

Instead of the traditional printed delivery ticket, the truck driver is presented with a QR code at the plant exit (e. g. on a self-service terminal). Scanning the code, instantly transfers all relevant delivery data to his Ticket App.

The app provides a comprehensive overview of delivery details, including type, quantity, destination and delivery time, as well as the official PDF ticket.

Upon factory departure, the digital trail continues, extending to the recipient‘s arrival.

When the app is linked to a central logistics system like Axians VAS Cloud Logistics, it empowers the driver to oversee and manage all his deliveries. No scanning of QR Codes is required in this scenario, all relevant delivery data is automatically uploaded to the Ticket App.

Providing the Ticket App for the material receiver enables a comfortable and paperless supply of delivery data. The recipient scans the QR code from the Ticket App on the driver‘s phone and automatically loads electronic delivery information on his Ticket App, no printout is required.

Key attributes of a ticket app

To ensure the seamless integration and operation of a mobile ticketing app, certain key attributes must be present:

Digital import of delivery data: The app should seamlessly import delivery data digitally, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.

Display detailed delivery information: Providing a comprehensive and detailed overview of delivery information, including digital tickets in PDF format, ensures clarity for all stakeholders.

Role-based login and user rights: To guarantee data security, implementing a role-based login and user rights system ensures that only authorized individuals access sensitive information.

QR Scan & Go functionality: Just scan a related QR Code from a connected logistic solution, like a self-service terminal of the Axians VAS Yard Management and the delivery data is uploaded to the Ticket App, without the need for user registration and login.

Scalable solutions for further requirements

The beauty of the outlined ticketing ­solution lies in its scalability. It serves as a foundational framework adaptable to many further customer needs. From entry-level solutions to more advanced features such as Track&Trace, time logs, ePoD, and customization, the app‘s flexi­bility ensures alignment with individual requirements.

Cost-efficiency through digital delivery data management

The tangible benefits of incorporating a mobile ticketing app, as exemplified by industry leaders like Axians Industrial Applications & Services, translate into substantial cost savings. These savings include:

Elimination of paper and printer costs: Moving away from traditional paper-based processes eliminates the expenses associated with paper, toner, and printer maintenance.  

Reduced carbon footprint: Getting rid of the paper process also reduces the C02 consumption. The logistic solutions of Axians manage roughly 10 million deliveries per year on 800+ worldwide. Regarding the possibility of CO2 reduction, every single step counts when looking into the future.

Lower operator efforts: The transition to digital delivery bills minimizes the effort required by operators for printouts, contributing to operational ­efficiency.

Minimized idle times: The app reduces idle times at factory exits, ensuring that the logistics process remains streamlined and optimized.

Lower error rates: Compared to traditional paper-based delivery bills, the digital solution inherently brings down error rates, contributing to a more accurate and reliable logistics workflow.


The integration of mobile apps like the Axians Ticket App into logistic workflows in the bulk materials industry marks a transformative leap forward. By synergizing the strengths of desktop software, centralized logistics workflows, and mobile applications, the industry can unlock heightened efficiency, simplify complex processes and increase sustainability of the logistic chain.

TEXT Reiner Bachthaler, Axians Industrial Applications & Services GmbH

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