Ordering concrete or gravel digitally – at Rohrdorfer quite simply via app

With the aim of making digital ordering processes secure, transparent and easy to use for customers and employees, the Rohrdorfer Group of Companies provides a digital app for electronic orders. The solution eliminates tedious activities when ordering concrete and gravel, such as searching, collecting or manually typing in receipts. The application is free of charge for customers and can be used on all standard end devices. All that is required for registration is the company name, Rohrdorf customer number and an e-mail address.

Ordering and delivering building materials are daily core construction logistics processes that can be very time-consuming for customers and suppliers. To simplify them, Rohrdorfer Transportbeton GmbH Austria has been offering an app for electronic ordering for about a year. This can be accessed from smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and offers the full range of functions on any end device. “After one year, we can say that the app offers added value, especially for medium-sized and small construction companies, and makes ordering and delivery processing much easier,” says Roland Höller, Head of Organization, Processes and Compliance at Rohrdorfer Baustoffe Austria.

Rohrdorfer customers have numerous advantages when switching to “digital”:

Free app with easy installation

User interface and range of functions uniform on all end devices

Better overview thanks to the option of favoriting individual items per construction site

All details on orders, deliveries and invoices at a glance, with the option to download them

Orders can be placed around the clock, even while on the move

Thanks to a well thought-out authorization concept, the customer can define which employee can process which functions and construction sites

Interface to the construction logistics platform Sequello

The app is a development of Simma Electronic GmbH, based in Vorarlberg, Austria. The Simma Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which digitally maps scheduling, sales and invoicing, among other things, has been in use at Rohrdorfer for more than ten years. For employees of Rohrdorfer’s ready-mix concrete division, the app means simplification for documentation and customer communication, as all orders processed via the app are automatically transferred to Simma CRM. Users of the app, such as the Porr Group in Austria, draw a positive conclusion: “Electronic ordering reduces the workload of our employees on the construction site and allows them to concentrate more on value-adding activities and optimizing logistics on the construction sites,” says Lukas Gisch, Operational Management at the Porr Group.


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