WO 2023/001320 A1

Ultra-low-carbon clinker-free cement, and preparation method and use therefor

(22) 16.09.2022

(43) 26.01.2023

(57) An ultra-low-carbon clinker-free cement, prepared from the following raw materials: a granulated blast furnace slag, plaster, and calcium oxide raw materials. The granulated blast furnace slag accounts for 65%-95% of the total weight of the raw materials, plaster accounts for 4.5%-34.5% of the total weight of the raw materials, and the remaining raw materials are the calcium oxide raw materials. The weight percentage content of calcium oxide and/or calcium hydroxide in the total weight of the raw materials is controlled to be 0.05%-0.75%. Also provided are a method for preparing the ultra-low-carbon clinker-free cement, and a use thereof in the preparation of concrete, mortar, or cement products. The present ultra-low-carbon clinker-free cement has technical advantages such as high early strength, ultrahigh later strength, small shrinkage, carbonization resistance, and low carbon emission.

(71) Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin 300401 (CN)


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