What a shame!

The results of the COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh will go into history as a perfect example of mankind’s stupidity. While some countries try to make more money in an end-race craze with their fossil fuels, there is obviously no majority which understands what a >3°C scenario will do to all of us. The well-known climate researcher and president of the Academy of Science in Germany, Mojib Latif, has commented the outcome of COP 27 stating that major players still try to optimize their position in the system, but have obviously not understood, that the whole system is at stake. I recommend everybody to read the 6th assessment report by the ipcc – you will not want to live in a >3°C world. Just be aware, that during the last ice-age the average temperature was also not more than 5 K below today’s value and that covered up northern Europe with ice completely. Think of billions of people migrating from the south because they simply cannot live there anymore.

Instead of clinging to easy and cheap money from the overcome business models, we should rather understand that the new necessities do actually provide massive opportunities as well – especially for those who understand and adapt early and develop solutions for a world that considers carbon in a new circular approach. Macro-economically it will be many times more expensive if we don’t act to mitigate climate change instead of doing whatever can be done. Not even speaking about the ethics of letting the poor south drown in the deadly effects of climate change. Obviously, we haven’t understood yet …

Very much concerned

Matthias Mersmann


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