HOTDISCTM – a perfect combustion device for coarser alternative fuels

The substitution of fossil fuels in cement production has increased significantly in the last decade. Due to rising energy costs and ever stricter energy and environmental regulations, alternative fuels technology is becoming an important factor in controlling costs. To gain competitive edge, many cement and mineral producers worldwide have set ambitious targets for increasing their future usage of alternative fuels. One of the pieces of equipment to achieve this goal is the HOTDISCTM combustion device.

1 Introduction

A HOTDISCTM combustion device is a boon to cement producers, who intend to substitute fossil fuels with solid alternative fuels on a large scale. The apparatus is an integrated part of the pyrosystem and will act as an additional furnace for burning of a wide variety of waste materials. This solution for alternative fuels is the best way to substitute calciner fuel with coarse/lumpy alternative fuels – enabling efficient operation and lower operating costs without compromising performance.

The HOTDISCTM is a safe, simple and effective combustion device – a large, moving hearth...

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