A Happy and Successful New Year 2013!

For me 2012 went by in no time and with an enormous variety of interesting topics that have been adressed. However, already now we have prepared for you a number of interesting topics for the new year. Maintenance and wear protection, material handling, process analysis, weighing and proportioning, heat recovery, alternative binders and fuels as well as optimized product and processing approaches are only a few topics we will deal with. You will find a clearly arranged compilation as regards this information in the media data at the homepage ­www.zkg.de. We will also trace the international development of the branch in the form of market and trend reports in ZKG INTERNATIONAL and will provide information for certain regions (China, Russia and South America) in the corresponding language. Right at the outset of this year, in this issue we also deal with exciting topics, such as granulated blastfurnace slag, alternative binders, optimized formulations and processes.

2013 we will also stay in close contact with you, our readers. You may meet the team of ZKG INTERNATIONAL at many national and international meetings and conferences to discuss present-day topics and future developments. Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you are particularly interested in certain topics or if you want to make a contribution in an editorial way. Please let us know. We will report if you pursue an interesting initiative with a lighthouse character serving as a beacon for others.

We hope that the year 2013 will be successful and as exciting as the previous one!

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