Process filter trends in the cement industry

Summary: Process filtration in the cement industry has shown a dynamic development in recent years. It is to be expected that dust emission limits will be made even more stringent in the near future and that particularly the filter media of the latest generation will consequently increase their market share from about 10 % to over 40 %. Simultaneously, the demand for pure electrostatic precipitators will continue to fall and, instead, bag filters and hybrid filters will expand their market shares. This will also affect the up-and-coming cement markets in China, India and Africa. This article provides an overall view of the development of emissions in the cement industry and of current trends in filtration technology.

1 Introduction

In 1950 the dust emission level of cement factories in the ­leading western countries was still around 3.5 kg/t of cement. In other words, cement production lines with an output of 3000 tpd had an annual emission rate of 3500 t of dust. For local residents, hanging white washing out to dry was not without risk. Nowadays, the maximum annual emission rate of modern 5000 tpd lines is 250 t and it is no longer possible for local residents to see cement dust on their white washing with the naked eye. Emission limit values of less than 20 mg/Nm3 can be easily observed with available...

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