Reducing the LCC of dedusting filters – the new ProJet smart® and ProJet mega® filter series

Summary: The newly developed Intensiv-Filter ProJet smart® and ProJet mega® completely cover the volume flow range of 2000 m3/h a.c. up to over 3 000 000 m3/h a.c. required in the cement and stone/earth industries. With bag lengths up to 12 m, the ProTex filter media generation combined with the latest cleaning technology, and flow-side optimization of the filter design, the LCC (Life Cycle Costs) can be reduced by up to 40  %. The consistent standardization at module level has resulted in an almost un­limited number of different filter versions being available with minimum variance in the individual components. This enables modern and ­made-to-order dedusting solutions to be conceived and supplied quickly and flexibly for every requirement in the cement industry.

1 Introduction

In 2009 and 2010, Intensiv-Filter converted the established bag filter product lines into improved, standardized and modular filter series. These offer lower specific investment costs and, above all, a reduction in the operating costs and thus life cycle costs (LCC) for the filtering installation. For better orientation in the increasingly more complex world of dedusting, the features of modern online and offline bag filters will first be explained and then the technical innovations involved in the ProJet smart® and ProJet mega® product lines will be introduced.


2 Features of...

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