Profitability due to ­increased productivity

Terrestrial laser scanners (TLS) are frequently used in mining, architecture and plant documentation. They are used both internally and externally making the work ­safer and more exact. A convincing argument is the profitability achieved due to a clearly increased productivity. The new laser scanner ILRIS 3D-HD from Optech sets a standard as regards precision, speed and mobility (Fig.). Engineers, miners, geoscientists, architects and geodesists can draw up three-dimensional models with the new ILRIS 3D-HD with unrivalled precision and clearly more quickly. For example, the scanner is used for three-dimensional modelling, geomonitoring, plant and inventory documentation. “HD” stands for “High Density”, i.e. for extremely high dot densities. The dynamic range extends from 3 m up to 1800 m.


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