New cement

Scientists at Green World Crete, LLC, a Florida headquartered green materials technology company, have invented a low-carbon emission cementitious product-Geo-Green CreteTM. This new product is poised to provide the global construction sector with a high-performance and cost-effective green alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Geo-Green CreteTM, which is a zero-Portland-based cement, is formulated using abundantly available post-industrial waste and naturally occurring aluminoscilicate materials. It has at its production core an environmentally friendly process for its manufacturing.

Dr. Elaine Duval · Director of Communications · Green World Crete

LLC, 4100 N. Powerline Road, Suite C-4; Pompano Beach, FL 33073;

Office: 561-200-9775; Fax: 561-370-6206; Cell: 754-245-6888,



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