US 9 102 567 B1

Engineered Portland cement incorporating SCMS and methods for making same

(22) 30.05.2013

(45) 11.08.2015

(57) Engineered cements are described that include an engineered clinker fraction designed for use with one or more supplementary cementitious material (“SCM”) fractions. The engineered clinker fraction has a narrow particle size distribution (“PSD”) with a relatively high tricalcium silicate (“C3S”) content as compared to traditional ordinary Portland cement (“OPC”). The high C3S content and narrow PSD provide desired reactivity and set time when combined with the one or more SCMs. The clinker fraction may be combined with one or more ultrafine SCM fractions and/or one or more coarser SCM fractions to achieve a desired wide particle size distribution. By engineering the chemistry and the particle size of the clinker fraction and the SCM fraction to work together, the engineered cements can have superior packing density, water demand, reactivity, set time, sulfate resistance, and strength development as compared to conventional OPC-SCM blends.

(71) Roman Cement, LLC, Bountiful, UT (US)

(73) Roman Cement, LLC, Salt Lake City, UT (US)


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