QuarryDetonator – software for ignition planning

QarryDetonator is an efficient soft-ware for ignition planning, now ­available on the German market. ­
Lower ­vibrations, optimally fractioned rock pile and more safety are the result of each blasting (Fig.). With QuarryDetonator it is possible to plan in an exact, understandable and well documented way. In the software, electronic, electrical and non-electrical detonators and ignition times can be simulated and tested as regards overlapping. QuarryDetonator automatically checks the fuse length and overlapping times according to your specifications. Any list of detonators and detonating relays can be simulated. It goes without saying that boreholes can be erased or shifted, lengths, angles and detonators can be accessed or surface detonating relays can be modified at any time. Thus, the optimum ignition planning is carried out on the computer. The QuarryDetonator automatically issues equipment lists, protocols, ignition and drilling plans for any individual blasting. Printed out they may be used directly in the quarry as operating instructions and for control purposes.

Sascha Matterstock


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