A highly successful New Year …

… is my wish to all our readers! More than a month has now passed, of course, and we are all back to our everyday working life. In the spring the industry’s major events – the bauma, the Powtech, and the ­Hannover Messe – will be showing the future trends in our field. We will inform you on the highlights you can expect in a trade fair preview in the April 2016 edition of ZKG International.

The present issue, on the other hand, focuses on the following topics, among others: from p. 34 onward, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Schulze discusses new scientific perceptions on the “Segregation of bulk solids – causes and solutions”. The flow behaviour of bulk solids, however, depends not only on the size of the particles, but also on their shape and density and, not least, on the moisture content of the material. In certain applications, it is not only important to ensure reliable flow, i.e., to avoid flow obstructions, but also, and primarily, to prevent segregation.

Since 05.04.2013, all producers of explosives have been obliged to mark every last blasting cap, cartridge and detonating cord with an unequivocally identifiable number. For end users, traceability became mandatory from 05.04.2015 onward. The “Track & Trace for explosives – a case study, half a year after its introduction” report recounts the practical application of an Ontaris proprietary digital delivery note for an overburden blasting operation at SHI Alme quarry, a limestone pit operated by SHI – Sauerländer Hartkalkstein-Industrie GmbH (see page 39 ff.).

Starting on p. 46 of this issue, Haver & Boecker introduces its vision of “The cement plant of the future”, to be presented in a series of articles spread across whole year. The first of these takes “Making more products, reducing waste and cutting costs in the quarry” as its theme.

Three plant reports inform readers on “Coal dust dosing without compromises” (from p. 16), “Overhauling a plate conveyor” (p. 20) and on a new installation at a Sinoma Cement plant (p. 22).

I wish you all much reading enjoyment!


Anett Fischer
ZKG International


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