Linking science and practice

Farewell colloquium for Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Jochen Stark, Weimar/Germany (17.06.2010)

The farewell colloquium for Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Jochen Stark (Fig.) took place at the congress centre “neue weimarhalle” on 17.06.2010. The university management, members of the institute as well as colleagues from the scientific environment met to pay tribute to the professional career of Prof. Stark and to put it in the context of the scientific topics dealt with during his term of office at the F.A. Finger-Institute for Building Material Science (FIB). These were topics such as “Scientific cooperation – an important part of successful research”, “From the fundamentals to practice”, “15 years of PCC research”, “Non-destructive testing methods” as well as the “Overview of the state of research concerning sulphate attack and hydration”. In his eulogy Prof. Dr. Horst-Michael Ludwig, Stark’s successor as director of the FIB, in particular acknowledged the activities of Stark at an interface between research and practice. After the lecture event the Russian version of the book “Alkali-Silica-Reaction” by Prof. Stark was presented. Prof. Krivenko from Kiev/Ukraine had translated and published the book that was written with the cooperation of D. Erfurt, Dr. E. Freyburg, C. Giebson, K. Seyfarth and B. Wicht.


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