Influence of polyvinyl alcohol on phase development during the hydration of Portland cement

Summary: Investigations into the influence of various polyvinyl alcohols (PVOH) on the hydration of Portland cement have shown that the alumina reaction is affected during the cement hydration. It was found that the dissolving of the sulfate carrier and of the C3A is retarded by the presence of polyvinyl alcohols and also that the ettringite formation is accelerated after about 16 hours hydration. These results were obtained with 3 different polyvinyl alcohols.

1 Introduction

Polymer-modified mortars, such as tile adhesives, self-levelling fillers or plasters, are important products for the building industry. Redispersible powders are important constituents in these formulations. They improve some crucial properties of the product, such as compressive strength, ultimate flexural strength and adhesive strength, through the formation of a film when the product is used. The powder is produced from various polymer dispersions by spray-drying with the addition of protective colloids (redispersion aids). The particular challenge when producing the powders...

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