Burners and combustion systems

The recent merger between A TEC and GRECO ­Combustion Systems was helping the innovative burner producer to establish a new engineering head office in Austria. A TEC and GRECO are operating together in nine different worldwide locations to offer their products and services for the cement industry close to the plant installations. The philo­sophy of the company is pro­viding pyro-process-equipment close to the customer’s installation as a successful strategy. Now entire packages for burner equipment with NOx reduction or a system to offer burner equipment and the RDF handling system in a package is a very interesting option which can be offered to our customers, says Christian Helmreich, Sales Director of GRECO Combustion Systems in Europe. The recently installed FLEXIFLAME (Fig.) kiln burners in European cement plants are working with coal, petcoke and solid alternative fuels (RDF) and are very successful for cement production due to easy flame adjustment (separate air channels are not influencing each other while flame setting). Low primary air consumption (between 5 and 10 % including the conveying air) ensures lower NOx emissions than usual and nevertheless also ensures the high burner momentum to burn these fuel mixtures safely, therefore producing a good quality of clinker. As a result of the GRECO consultancy, the IV Brazilian Cement- and Lime Seminar organized by GRECO Brazil will have, besides presentations of new technologies and/or products and/or success “cases” of event sponsors, papers of an essentially technical nature.



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