Special Fans

Our new On-line Special at the ZKG ­INTERNATIONAL homepage started in early March, with comprehensive information on high-­capacity and special fans for the cement, lime and gypsum industry. Solutions in the extremely important sectors of energy-efficiency and wear protection are discussed. Updates on ongoing projects and features on individual segments of fan technology are scheduled throughout the year. In the May issue of ZKG, for example, visitors will find comprehensive information and videos on fan flow simulation for optimization of operating parameters. Don’t miss it:


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Issue 2011-03

Find everything you need on industrial fans in our On-line Special at: www.zkg.de/fans . Starting soon, the new feature will focus – in English and German – on this diverse range of product groups...

Issue 2011-11

The Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde provides process fans with special wear protection before they leave the factory. The company will also repair parts which are liable to wear on fans of any make which are...

Issue 2010-02

During the production of cement, lime and gypsum hard conditions exist in the proper sense of the word. Industrial fans are especially exposed to extreme requirements during these applications (Fig....


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