Conformity evaluation of building lime in accordance with EN 459 | Part 1

The essential provisions of the standard concerning all questions of conformity evaluation are examined and discussed below. The relationship between the conformity requirements of EN 459, Part 1 and of EN 459, Part 3 is examined in detail. The role of the notified bodies in certification is highlighted. The first two publications on the new European building lime standard concerned the products standardised in Part 1 and their requirements, and the test methods described in Part 2. Finally, a third part now defines the procedures for evaluation of conformity of building lime to EN 459, Part...

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Issue 11/2011

Conformity evaluation of building lime in accordance with EN 459 | Part 2

5 The contents of EN 459, Part 3 – Scope The standard defines the procedure for evaluation of the conformity of building lime with the EN 459, Part 1, product standard, and is therefore addressed...

Issue 05/2011

EN 459 – the new European standard for building lime

1?Introduction Until 1995, the product “building lime” (Fig. 1) was subject in a number of European countries only to national regulations. National technical rules concerning this product were then...

Issue 06/2011

The test procedures according to EN 459

1?Introduction Products requirements presuppose test procedures, the performance features of which have to be designed in such a way that there are values for the properties to be tested, which permit...

Issue 05/2013

Raw materials characterization for industrial lime manufacturing

1 Introduction Case studies reported in this paper provide a representative overview of the technical activity carried out worldwide by Cimprogetti S.p.A in the last ten years. Customers from all over...


Sustainability seal underlines “Future in Action” strategy: Cemex gravel plants receive CSC gold certification

Since August 2022, two Cemex raw material sites in Germany have been CSC-certified: the Parey gravel plant of Cemex Kies Rogätz GmbH in Saxony-Anhalt and the Immelborn gravel plant of Cemex Kies &...