Innovations in Portland Cement ­Manufacturing

The cement manufacturing industry has changed rapidly during the past decade, and the new edition of Innovations in Portland Cement Manufacturing (Fig.) addresses this new atmosphere. The fully revised second edition by the Portland ­Cement Association (PCA) highlights the complex challenges facing cement manufacturers in today’s regulatory and manufacturing arenas. The publication includes several new chapters including sections on finish grinding using vertical roller mills, oxygen enrichment, inlet gas analysis and acoustic pyrometry. Sustainability and the environment are addressed throughout the book with specific chapters on sustainable cement manufacturing, carbon capture and carbon sequestration, along with carbon dioxide reduction and control.  Health and safety issues also take center stage with new chapters on solid fuel safety and safety issues regarding build-ups in preheater kiln systems. First published in 2004, this vital industry resource has been revised to keep the cement industry informed as it deals with the needs of today while still keeping an eye on the anticipated challenges of the future. Orders can be placed at:



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