Lime kiln for Thailand

The Golden Lime Co. Ltd. from Bangkok/Thailand, is going to install a Maerz Lime Kiln No. 5, a 150 t/d coal/petcoke dust fired unit, at their Lopburi Plant and has signed a corresponding contract with Maerz for the supply of license, know-how, drawings, key equipment and technical assistance. At the same time an “Upgrade Package for Kiln No. 1 to 4”, including engineering and software for new coal transport air blowers, was ordered by Golden Lime. Maerz’s scope of equipment supply comprises the firing system for coal/petcoke, hydraulic equipment, air blowers as well as the electric, measuring and control components for the kiln. According to the time schedule established for the new plant, the kiln will be ready for commissioning by mid 2012.


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