New weighing system wins award for innovation

At the 2011 Münsterland Innovation Awards, the Beckum-based company Di Matteo was placed third in the category “Economy” for its new and innovative tubular weigher ODM-WeighTUBE® (Fig.). With the ODM-WeighTUBE®, secondary fuels derived, for instance, from domestic or industrial waste can be weighed and dosed especially quickly and precisely. The ODM-WeighTUBE® has a particularly low maintenance requirement, can be easily retrofitted into existing plants and is characterized by low installation height and compact closed construction. This newly developed and patented tubular weigher ensures permanent precise weighing of substitute fuels or bulk solids for the cement industry. After a development of several years and testing in the company’s own pilot plant, the weighers have already been put into service at several cement plants in Europe. “We noticed the need for this type of a weigher among our customers. The basic concept then came quickly. How­ever, development of the unit then took three years in all, before we brought the ODM-Weigh­TUBE® on to the market” said Luigi Di Matteo on the occasion of the award ceremony.


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