Ultra-compact Coriolis flowmeter for skid and ­machine builders

With Sitrans FC410, Siemens presents the lightest and most compact Coriolis flowmeter currently available, featuring a high measuring accuracy of 0.1 %. With dimensions of only 265 x 280 x 90 mm (L x H x B) and a weight of 4.6 kg in the smallest version (DN 15), the meter is ideal for machine and plant construction or for frame-mounted equipment. The combination of compact design, high accuracy, IP67 degree of protection and a wide variety of functions orients Sitrans FC410 toward use in almost any facility, even where space is very limited.

With the new Mini Flow Link (MFL) concept, Siemens has succeeded in accommodating transmitter functionalities in the sensor. The digitally based MFL permits a much more compact design without additional assembly work. Sitrans FC410 is therefore flexible enough for installation in confined spaces without any compromise in measuring accuracy or reliability. The digital MFL features a very fast signal update of 10 milliseconds and provides not only flow rate data but also the mass, volume, density, and temperature of the medium. The innovative CompactCurve design of the sensor developed by Siemens ensures a high level of reliability due to its stable zero point, low pressure loss, and high immunity to process noise and plant vibrations.

Sitrans FC410 is therefore especially suitable for use in challenging applications where accuracy and reliability in measurements of density and mass are required. The flowmeter also works at pressure levels of up to 100 bar and temperatures of -50 to +200 °C without any loss of measuring accuracy. Sitrans FC410 is certified for use in the pharmaceutical as well as food and beverage industries according to the most important standards, such as 3A, EHEDG and FDA.

Sitrans FC410 communicates with Simatic and all other common process control systems via the multidrop-addressable Modbus RTU485 and can be integrated easily into both existing and new systems.Installation and commissioning of the flowmeter require only simple, one-time configuration in the control system with little programming. If a flowmeter is replaced or further flowmeters are connected, the user’s settings are automatically transferred.

The combination of compact design, high accuracy, IP67 degree of protection and a wide variety of functions orients Sitrans FC410 toward use in almost any facility, even where space is very limited.



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