A TEC supplies calciner upgrade

In June 2013, the Austrian A TEC was awarded an order for the implementation of a calciner upgrade with engineering, supply of equipment, steel structure, erection and civil works at Buzzi Cement Hranice in the Czech Republic. With the combustion of alternative fuels, the necessary retention time for complete combustion in the calciner system has been increased. It will now be approx. 7 sec. The new retention time allows in any case the use of a high amount of alternative fuel (up to 100 % in the calciner). Additionally, the heat consumption will decrease.

At the top of the calcining system an A TEC Post Combustion Chamber (PCC) for optimized gas mixing and retention time increase will be installed. At the existing main burner, RDF (main burner quality), coal and animal meal as well as natural gas (only for start-up) will be used. On calciner side there are three fuel input positions – one of them the main fuel input from top into the hot gas chamber (HGC). The intake for shredded tires will be unchanged, but the existing calciner burner will be moved. The tertiary air distribution and the oxygen control are done by several dampers.


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