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For some time now, we have been active on Facebook, too. Besides the articles in our established magazine, we can inform you about interesting news soon after it comes out.

At //www.facebook.com" target="_blank" >www.facebook.com:www.facebook.com/ZKGInternational you can find news from the industry, tips on events and additional information from our editors. So, you are always up to date.

In the magazine publishing business there’s a lot of discussion on whether print has a future. Yes, print has a future! We are firmly convinced of that! Technical papers such as “Evaluation of extensive series of diffractograms with the aid of factor analysis” on page 42 and “Influence of material properties on the decomposition time of limestone under shaft kiln conditions” on page 52 require a lot of attention. They aren’t the sort of thing that you can flick through on a smartphone, but a quick bit of news on who has decided to embark on a new project is something you can read on a mobile. We want to offer you both. Detailed technical reports and the latest research findings in print and news from the industry online.

I wish you interesting reading in this current issue. And so you don’t have to wait too long until our next issue comes out in print, visit us on Facebook and become part of our community!


Anett Fischer

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