A systematic classification and modularization of handling systems for alternative fuels

This article introduces a Seven Stage Concept (SSC), which is a systematic, modular and forward-looking tool that can be valuable for successful realization of plants for handling alternative fuels. The SSC system differentiates between seven handling stages, beginning with the reception of the AF material in the cement plant and ending with its combustion in the rotary kiln.

1 Introduction

Although alternative fuels (AFs) have been used in the cement industry for more than 30 years there has been so far no systematic and analytical approach for the successful handling of these materials. Through ignorance and lack of experience the same mistakes are therefore made time and again in the design of new plants.

Di Matteo Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG from Beckum in Westphalia has carried out some pioneering work in the field of handling alternative fuels and, among other things, has also developed measuring procedures and investigative methods for evaluating the...

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