AU 2020100278 A4

All-solid waste filler for stabilizing dioxin-containing incineration fly ash and method for preparing the same

(22) 25.02.2020

(45) 02.04.2020

(57) The present invention provides an all-solid waste filler for stabilizing dioxin-containing incineration fly ash and a method for preparing the same, and belongs to the technical field of solid waste utilization. The filler comprises a cementing agent and an aggregate. The cementing agent comprises slag, steel slag, industrial by-product gypsum, waste incineration fly ash, and the like, and the aggregate comprises mountain sand, river sand, tailings, or waste rock. The qualified filler may be obtained by mixing the activated cementing agent in a mixer, and then adding 0%-1% water reducing agent at a weight ratio of the cementing agent/aggregate of 1/1-1/10, and then agitating evenly at a slurry mass fraction of 65%-82%. The invention uses an all-solid waste system to prepare a cementing filler for mining, while stabilizing the dioxin-containing waste incineration fly ash, to solve the environmental problems caused by the dioxins in waste incineration fly ashes and the large amount of land required for landfill.

(71) University of Science and Technology Beijing (CN)


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