US2018036697 (A1)

Apparatus and method for calcination of gypsum

(22) 12.02.2016

(43) 08.02.2018

(57) An apparatus for calcination of gypsum includes a gypsum calciner having an interior wall surface with a circular or annular configuration as seen in its plan view, and a tubular combustor positioned at a center part of a body of the calciner. Raw gypsum is calcined or dehydrated by a high temperature gas spouting flow (Hg) ejected from a lower portion of the combustor. The calciner has a stationary-vane-type or movablevane-type auxiliary device, which circumferentially energizes the raw gypsum in the vicinity of the interior wall surface toward a circumferential direction of the calciner. The auxiliary device has a plurality of stationary vanes circumferentially arranged in an outer peripheral zone of a lower portion of the combustor and spaced apart from each other at an angular interval, or an agitator extending through a conical or inner circumferential surface defined by the interior wall surface.

(71) Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd (JP)


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