US 2021/0292229 A1

Apparatus and method for treating

(22) 14.07.2017

(43) 23.09.2021

(57) A fluidized-bed-type apparatus and method for treating gypsum, which activates or improves fluidity of gypsum powder to promote an effect of treatment of gypsum, such as modification or homogenization of the gypsum powder. The apparatus for treating gypsum includes a reactor vessel, a conditioned air supply port, a horizontal partition wall and a plurality of stationary vanes. The wall allows a conditioned air flow to flow upward into a reaction region. The vanes are arranged at an angular interval in a circumferential direction. A fluidized bed of calcined gypsum is provided in the vessel. The vane deflects the conditioned air flow flowing upward into the reaction region, toward a radially outward and circumferential direction of the reaction region. The calcined gypsum makes a saltational fluid motion or saltational movement in the vessel with the air flow.

(71) Yoshino Gypum Co., Ltd., Tokyo (JP)

(73) Yoshino Gypum Co., Ltd., Tokyo (JP)


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