US 2020/0271316 A1

Apparatus for recycling fly ash having quantum
energy generator

(22) 22.02.2020

(43) 27.08.2020

(57) An apparatus for recycling fly ash has a quantum energy generator therein. The apparatus recycles fly ash generated as the combustion waste from the burning of coal in thermal power plants, into construction materials such as cement substitutes, environment-friendly cover materials, etc. Unburned pulverized coal is removed while generating carbon monoxide (CO) or carbon dioxide (CO2) through a combustion reaction, in which the unburned pulverized coal of the fly ash contacts the thermal electrons discharged during a thermal decomposition process at a high temperature, the negative electrodes of the thermal decomposition part, which are heated at a high temperature of 500° C., which is an ignition point of the unburned pulverized coal, or higher, and a high-voltage discharge electrode of an electrochemical reaction part, then heated at 500° C. or higher, and then naturally burned under an oxygen atmosphere (oxygen or ionized oxygen ions in air contained in the fly ash).

(71) Unhae Enc Co., Ltd., Siheung-si (KR)

(73) Unhae Enc Co., Ltd., Siheung-si (KR)


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