Autumn has arrived... the Northern hemisphere, and everywhere people are enjoying the splendid hues that nature takes on in this season, while reluctantly putting away their summer things for the winter, or making a last desperate attempt to prolong the brighter mood by installing a summery screensaver, or heading south again in one last escape to the sun.

But there can be no denying: somehow you’re glad when it starts raining! Now is the time of year to review current and upcoming projects without distraction, checking their profitability again before they land on the boardroom table. To gradually start planning for the winter overhaul, and fill the clinker silos. But maybe first a quick visit to one of the many autumn conferences to meet former and new colleagues from other group plants before the real hustle and bustle begins, or just hear the latest news and opinion in the industry.

Dear readers, may we modestly hope that you will also find a little time for us! Here is the place to find autumn season coverage (see our cover image), product information (filters, air cannons, etc.) plus new ideas and approaches on pneumatic feed technology, rotary kilns including cooling and coating, clinker mineralogy and gas cleaning.

And there’s always the chance, of course, of getting to know new and interesting people…
All of us here wish you enjoyable and inspiring reading!
Dr. Hubert Baier

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Issue 10/2010

Dedusting of wet rotary kilns

Scheuch GmbH of Aurolzmünster/Austria implemented the first wet rotary kiln dedusting system to use EMC filter technology in the year 2003. Since then, the system has operated to the complete...

Issue 11/2013

Hurricane Season at Akçansa Büyükçekmece

The Büyükçekmece cement plant (Fig. 1) is located in the West of Istanbul, Turkey, and has a production capacity of 5900 tons of clinker per day. Operated by the Akçansa Group (a joint venture...

Issue 9/2019 RU2690624 (C1)

Rotary kiln for making cement clinker

(22) 19.09.2018 (43) 04.06.2019 (57) Field: technological processes. Substance: invention relates to devices for production of cement, in particular to rotary furnace for preparation of cement...

Issue 11/2010

Dust removal for rotary kilns

The team of Intensiv-Filter Austria received an order from RHI AG for the dust removal of two Lepol kilns (Fig.). In the Breitenau plant in Austria, 380?000 t/a Magnesite are quarried that is used to...

Issue 05/2013

Smart refractory solution for stress loaded rotary kilns

1 Introduction Increasing the service life of refractory bricks is a significant contribution to the efficiency of cement kilns and higher environmental protection, because less refractory material...