BCT technology receives award at the CIC

From 11.–13.06.2014, the Concrete Innovation Conference (CIC) in Oslo/Norway was the meeting place for researchers focusing on future trends in the cement and concrete industry. The event was organised by the Norwegian Concrete Association and Tekna (Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals), an association of technicians and scientists in Norway.

Out of the 132 papers submitted, a jury selected the best in each of four categories and honoured these with the “CIC Best Paper Award”. ­HeidelbergCement Technology Center (HTC) won the “Environmentally friendly concrete” cate­gory with its contribution “Belite calcium ­sulfoaluminate ternesite (BCT): a new alternative binder” from Dr. Mohsen Ben Haha, Frank Bullerjahn, Maciej ­Zajac, and Dr. Dirk Schmitt.

Dr. Ben Haha received the award in Oslo on behalf of the HTC team. For several years, the researchers have been working on the development of alternative binders that more or less work without conventional clinker with the aim of harnessing additional potential for the reduction of CO2. In the late summer of 2012, HTC registered two patents for the manufacture of ternesite clinker (belite calcium sulfoaluminate ternesite, BCT) and four patents for the use of ternesite clinker in various binder systems.

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