AU 2021103032 A4

Bag or bundle-type packaging with no plastic elements and high protection from moisture and water

(22) 02.06.2021

(45) 22.07.2021

(57) The present utility model refers to a bag or a bundle-type packaging suitable to contain cement or other similar material, consisting of at least one sheet of paper wherein the external sides of said sheets are coated with at least one layer of hydrophobic paint.

This paint transfers water-repellent characteristics to the paper; in this way, both the transmission of moisture/water vapor (WVTR) and the absorption of water (COBB) are significantly reduced.

In fact, thanks to at least one layer of paint applied externally to the sheets of paper that make up the bag, the water is not retained by the paper, but slips away due to the high surface tension present on the treated paper.

The barrier effect is thus increased compared to that obtainable from standard bags known in the art, thus guaranteeing the product contained inside the bag a high protection from humidity, even in the absence of intermediate polythene sheets in the manufacture or the bag and, consequently, improving the shelf life of the product contained inside the bag.

The bag achieves these results even though it has no intermediate plastic layers.

(71) Fiorini Packaging S.P.A.


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