Burner developments for co-processing alternative fuels

Today’s burner suppliers are offering different technologies for their main burner to produce the final clinker quality in the kiln. Recently some of them changed their designs to lower momentum burners, while A TEC improved its high momentum burner. The experience, comparison and newer installations have shown that burners with a higher flame impulse are more flexible to reach the described process targets of cement production.

1 Historical review

The main technological principles of high momentum kiln burners by A TEC Greco are based on calculations and studies undertaken by Prof. Clemente Greco (1937-2003), who lectured in Brazil at the Institute of Thermodynamics. Thus, practically the entire Brazilian cement industry was converted to petroleum coke firing in the 1990s in order to save on fuel costs. A TEC Greco was one of the leading providers of burners for petcoke, as this initially difficult to handle fuel placed special demands on the burner concept.

Today, this basic concept of rotary kiln firing is still in...

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