17.06.-19.06.2019, TRONDHEIM/NORWAY

CCS Conference (TCCS-10)

The CCS Conference (TCCS-10) will gather 500 international carbon capture and storage (CCS) researchers, industry representatives and policy makers in Trondheim/Norway on 17.06.-19.06.2019. TCCS-10 is hosted jointly by SINTEF and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and organized by the Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS). Leading keynote speakers will present and discuss the latest CCS research to accelerate CCS technology. The city of Trondheim will also be host to a Mission Innovation CCS workshop on 20.06.2019 and the Big Challenge Science festival featuring countless popular science lectures, cultural events and concerts.

CCS is a field dedicated to capturing, transporting and storing CO2. CCS technology prevents CO2 emissions from energy-intensive industries such as power, oil and gas, steel, and cement. CCS can provide for climate positive solutions (Bio CCS) and enable massive production of clean hydrogen from natural gas. The UN climate panel launched a report in October 2018, Global Warming of 1.5 ºC, showing that CCS is a technology that is critical to achieving the Paris Agreement.

SINTEF and NTNU have worked with CCS technology with Norwegian and international industrial actors and researchers for several decades. In Trondheim, pan-European collaboration through the ECCSEL laboratory is making important contributions to CCS development. Norway has also initiated the first full-scale, industrial CCS at a cement plant and a waste incinerator plant. 

150 presentations and 100 scientific posters are expected at the conference. The SINTEF and NTNU CCS award for outstanding CCS achievements will be presented for the fifth time at TCCS-10.



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