US 2021/0060478 A1

Carbon capture system comprising a gas turbine

(22) 09.03.2018

(43) 04.03.2021

(57) A method and a plant for capturing CO2 from an incoming flue gas. The flue gas can be exhaust gas from coal and gas fired power plants, cement factories or refineries. The incoming exhaust gas is cooled, mixed with air and compressed, and thereafter introduced into a combustion chamber together with gas and/or liquid fuel. Part of the combustion is achieved by separate burners with cooling/ combustion air feed with a volume equal to the volume of CO2 captured. Said burners will elevate the temperature in the combustion chamber allowing combustion of exhaust gas with low oxygen content. CO2 is captured at high partial pressure before expansion by the gas turbine to produce power and generate steam in the heat recovery unit. The gas turbine will operate with high efficiency close to design parameters with respect to inlet temperature, pressure and flow.

(71) Knut Borseth, Tarndsen (NO); Henrik Fleischer, Oslo (NO); Karbon CCS Ltd, Valletta (MT)


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