Cembureau concerned about targets of 2030 climate and energy framework

At its meeting of 23.-24.10.2014, the European Council decided on the 2030 climate and energy framework, including targets for GHG emissions reduction, renewables and energy efficiency. As the backbone of a supply chain that will build the energy efficient houses, schools, hospitals and transport infrastructure of tomorrow, the cement sector is concerned about the targets which:

impose a 43 % reduction for ETSii sectors which therefore carry a disproportionate burden compared to the non-ETS sectors with a 30 % target; the burden sharing between ETS and non-ETS needs to be put on the political agenda;

do not take into account the technological potential of process industries as laid out, for the cement industry, in the Cembureau Roadmap; the cement industry sets forth a 32 % reduction potential by 2050 which can be increased if breakthrough technologies can benefit from public funding to cover the significant financial and a technical risks. If successful, such breakthrough can only be commercialized after 2030; the cement industry is keen to engage in a discussion on how the potential for reduction set out in its Roadmap relates to the EU’s proposed 43 % target;

are no longer made conditional upon the conclusion of an international agreement in which other jurisdictions engage in comparable reduction efforts.

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