LT2019038 (A)

Cement concrete with municipal waste incinerator bottom ash filler

(22) 26.06.2019

(43) 10.01.2020

(57) The present invention relates to the field of building materials, and more particularly to cement concrete mixtures used in production of roads and other traffic areas, which do not require increased environmental resistance and durability. The goal of the invention is to create a cement concrete mixture using a municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash filler having sufficiently good mechanical and physical characteristics, durability and low cost. Composition of cement concrete with a municipal waste slag coarse aggregate, comprising sand, cement, concrete plastic and water, characterized in that it also includes municipal waste incineration slag, with a component weight ratio of: 35-55 coarse slag aggregate, sand 20-40, cement 12.0-16.0, concrete plasticizer 0.04-0.20, water 6.0-12.0.

(71) Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas (LT)


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