RU2690622 (C1)

Cement kiln

(22) 02.08.2018

(43) 04.06.2019

(57) Field: cement annealing. Substance: invention relates to a cement kiln. Kiln comprises a drum arranged horizontally and mounted on a plate fixed by means of elastic elements on the base, equipped with a vibration activator and located inside along the entire length of the drum with a spring with a device for changing the pitch of the spring turns by stretching or compressing, wherein the drum is mounted from sections assembled from two identical subsections, made from an even number of three and more identical isosceles triangles, successively connected along the perimeter of subsections with three and more identical equilateral trapezoids, with formation of small and large end holes in the form of polygons, number of sides of small end hole is twice more than number of sides of large end hole, and in section two subsections are connected to each other by sides of large end holes, and sections are connected to each other along drum length by their sides of small end holes with formation along perimeter of drum of at least six surfaces of wave-like shape and not less than three pairs of directed towards each other broken screw lines, at that wavelike spring with flat section of turns is arranged along drum length. Effect: enabling expansion of technological capabilities, increase in efficiency and simplification of furnace manufacturing.

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