US 2022/0106235 A1

Classification and recombination of different SCM and cement fractions to efficiently manufacture cement-SCM compositions

(22) 16.12.2021

(43) 07.04.2022

(57) Methods and systems for efficiently manufacturing particu-late blending materials for use in making particle size optimized cements, SCMs, blended cements and cement-SCM blends. An initial hydraulic cement or SCM having an initial particle size distribution (PSD), an initial d10, and an initial d90 is processed using one or more air classifiers, and optionally one or more mills, to yield a plurality of hydraulic cement or SCM fractions having desired particle size distributions (PSDs). The hydraulic cement fractions can be blended with SCMs to form binary and ternary cement-SCM blends. The SCM fractions can also be used to make binary and ternary blends. A surplus fine cement fraction can be used to raise the fineness and/or reactivity of a less fine and/or less reactive hydraulic cement. A surplus fine SCM can be used as a silica fume substitute.

(71) Roman Cement, LLC, Salt Lake City, UT (US)


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