Combined forces in the Middle East

1 Introducing Saudi Vetonit Co. Ltd.

In 1981, Saudi Vetonit Co. Ltd. (Saveto) was established as a Saudi European joint venture, in partnership with the leading manufacturers of building finishing materials and specialty chemicals in northern Europe. In 1991, the Rashed Al Rashed Group assumed full ownership of Saveto, becoming the first Saudi company to offer a full range of advanced construction chemicals and building materials to the Middle East and North African markets (MENA region) under Saveto & Vetonit brands.

The Saveto Group provides services in the construction market in three business segments:

A. The projects division

Saveto provides various technical services free of charge such as specifications support, site supervision, technical submittals, site samples and demos.

B. The Vetonit retail division

Saudi Vetonit serves 3000+ retail outlets in Saudi alone. This wide network covers the whole of Saudi Arabia making Saveto’s product available instantly to the masses.

C. Saveto plasters division

Saveto is the first supplier in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide bulk supply of plaster products to projects with a complete end to end support of products, equipment and machinery as well as logistical support. The advanced plaster systems provided by Saveto increase efficiency, decrease waste at the same time being green low VOC products.

With these three core business segments Saveto offers a large variety of products in service of the construction industry. These products are distributed in these groups:

Concrete grouts, repair and enhancement products

Flooring and coating systems

Wall and façade systems

Civil sealants and joints


Plasters and renders

Putties and finishes

Tiling systems

Specialty products

Primers and ancillary products

The product groups contain many subgroups covering all aspects and core requirements of civil work contractors in both sub-structures as well as super-structures providing end to end solutions. While companies look at product segmentations from a single viewpoint, Saveto with the customer always in mind also segments product usage based on the industry, providing solutions in a carefully segmented customer focus: Buildings, Industrial, Infrastructure etc.

Saveto works on continuous evolution of R&D work as well as literature creation in accordance with international standards and cooperation with international organizations. The company is a member of different associations and owns a R&D center in Saudi where the facilities available to Saveto are state of the art and the most advanced in the Middle East.

The widespread presence of Saveto products in the MENA region enhances the experience with different environmental and climate conditions which allows the company’s R&D professionals to develop products catering to each country’s specific needs.

2 Manufacturing capabilities

Saveto boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies operating 14 factories in the MENA region:

Nine factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (six in Riyadh, one in Jeddah, one in Dammam and one in Rabigh)

Two factories in Egypt (in 10th of Ramadan City and in Sadat City)

Two factories in the United Arab Emirates (in Abu ­Dhabi and in Dubai)

One factory in Jordan

All of these are strategically located in industrial areas where all facilities are readily available in addition to being in the close vicinity of major Saveto-owned logistical centers that operate extensive distribution and delivery networks. Saveto has three main regional logistical hubs and an additional 16 centers being fed from the main three hubs.

3 Lahti Precision

Lahti Precision has been Saveto’s business partner for the drymix products, since the early days. The Finnish company is an expert for weighing and dosing, handling of bulk materials, and in related automation, plus a forerunner in the drymix business. Lahti Precision has delivered plants for the industrial production of plasters, mortars and other drymix products all over the world. The company supplies total plant projects and related services from engineering to commissioning. Lahti Precision also has long experience and extensive know-how of drymix product technology for various climate conditions.

The company’s know-how covers the whole business chain from market evaluation and design of the suitable product range to the marketing of the final drymix products:

Raw material analysis and development of competitive products

Drying, crushing and screening systems

Dosing, weighing, mixing systems and components

Control systems and components

Plant modernizations and control system upgrades

Wide range of services


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