Complete measuring instrumentation for heavy duty at a lime plant

For years now, and increasingly so, product quality standards for the commodity lime and for an already wide diversity of lime-based products plus, above all, the environmental protection requirements to be met by lime production plants have been intensifying. For the production plants themselves, this necessitates continuous optimization of their processes and all the requisite auxiliary circuits, up to and including investments in new combustion technology. The data of interest must be acquired automatically, accurately and subject to close tolerances.

1 Measuring instrumentation for lime plants

Measuring instrumentation is required for the ­following aspects of lime production processes: level, flow, pressure, temperature and analysis. The required number of analyzing instruments varies from case to case. The basic requirements for safe, dependable plant operation apply to all measuring instruments: reliable physical principles of measurement, robust technology and easy-to-use field de-vices. The ambient conditions prevailing at the typical lime plant are very harsh: sun, wind, rain, dust, heat, cold and sometimes even vibrations constantly...

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