Complete range of loading systems

The prospect of achieving a higher output, reliable and improved availability of the whole packing plant, increased health and safety awareness, rising labor costs and the loading process itself are the main reasons to look for perfect and automatic solutions. Haver & Boecker offers the right system for every infrastructure and situation:

The SpeedFlexx

The high performance SpeedFlexx truck direct-loader loads a variety of package types, in-layers-arranged, with or without pallets, directly onto open trucks and trailers. It impresses with its speed of up to 260 t or 4500 bags per hour, which can be reached through its highly efficient loading cycle and operation in a second lane without long waiting times.

The fully automatic loading cycle starts with the scanning of the truck cargo bed. During loading open trucks are sequentially fed with bag stacks in two lanes, which is performed by a moving bridge installed over the truck. Once the loading process is done for the first truck, a lane change by the SpeedFlexx takes place in just a matter of seconds and the new, parallel-positioned truck is loaded.

In times of moderate truck traffic, the adjacent stock area is filled. Moreover there also is the possibility of loading trucks with the SpeedFlexx from the filled stock area.

The SpeedRoad

The SpeedRoad is a compact, efficient, economical and automated system that loads in-layers-arranged bags directly onto trucks – with or without pallets. The system feeds the bags coming from the packing machine’s belt conveyor into the machine to form a stacking layer that gets loaded directly onto the truck cargo bed, which results in perfect bag layers. With a speed of up to 3000 bags per hour, it is suitable for a variety of trucks and almost every type of bag. It offers selectable loading patterns. It is also possible to load pre-positioned empty bags onto the truck.

The automated bag handling system is easy to install and makes a powerful impression with its rugged and reliable design. It consists of an electromechanical system and has neither hydraulics nor pneumatics. Its minimal installation height is especially advantageous in the event of plant modernizations and conversions. A user-friendly touch-panel control unit and optional remote controller with camera monitoring simplify operation of the loading system, which can be easily and quickly maintained due to its easy accessibility.

Other arguments for the SpeedRoad are greater energy efficiency and higher flexibility. A special feature of the improved development is the loading system’s ease of maintenance, which leads to reduced down and stoppage times.

The SpeedLoad

The SpeedLoad loads single bags without pallets at a speed of up to 120 t or 2400 bags per hour. Suited for open trucks, trailers with or without side walls, and containers, the design features a front part that can be lifted, lowered and swiveled and thus allows side, back loading and from-the-top loading. All common bag types can be handled.

The fully automatic loading cycle begins with the scanning of the cargo bed. Using an optical analysis system a 3D image is generated, which in turn ensures that the cargo bed is free and the truck is ready for loading. The system stays in the truck and container lane by itself.

Due to its perfect design the SpeedLoad can be integrated into an existing plant and its accompanying infrastructure. Existing bag loading machines can be easily replaced by the SpeedLoad. And thanks to its minimal 2-meter installation height, the level of automation can be increased considerably without requiring much alteration work to buildings.

The packing plants’ capacity utilization is improved, and closed containers can be filled almost completely. Another advantage of this system includes the flexible layer pattern – the bags can be deposited transversely and longitudinally and by a more stable layer formation the driving safety is increased. Not least, physical strain on staff is lessened.



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