Concrete – views and prospects as well as special binders

This year the managing directors of dornburger zement GmbH & Co. KG, Anett Mysliwiec, Heiko Theuerkauf and Eckhardt Thomas, were also able to welcome many guests on the occasion of the dornburger baustoffthemen event in Weimar on 24.-25.01.2013 (Fig. 1). About 110 customers, colleagues, partners and those interested came to listen to the various lectures all about the topic “Concrete – views and prospects”. Renowned specialist lecturers talked about errors in the past and developments up to future visions as regards structural concrete engineering in an informative and entertaining way. Topics of the presentations were: Concrete mixing, internal curing, practical errors during concrete delivery and the future of the constructive civil engineering. In the evening the participants visited the Erfurt citadel on the Petersberg. The second day of the event was themed “What motivates people?”. Dr. Klaus Dehner from the Institute for BioLogic led the participants through the day with clear examples and humour and also showed which factors have an influence on the motivation of the staff members.

On 21.02.2013 ­dornburger zement GmbH & Co. KG had invited to an exchange of information as regards the topic “Special binders of today” including an evening program (Fig. 2). About 90 customers, partners and those interested had accepted the invitation. Three informative lectures dealt with the topic of the day “Hydraulic special binders and their use in practice”.


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