Through innovation to success: New solutionsfor construction engineering and management

“Even if various companies offer  identical products, each company is unique. It offers something to its customers and employees, which they will not find anywhere else in the world.” This approach of Dipl.-Kfm. Eckhardt ­Thomas, managing partner of dornburger zement, was encouraging and characterized the 13th dornburger baustoffthemen. On 29th January he welcomed more than 100 guests in Weimar who had come to take part in the event with the main topic ‘innovation’ (Fig. 1). In particular in times of the financial crisis and alarming economic forecasts it is necessary to look ahead. Both...

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Issue 09/2013

dornburger supports young building materials engineers

This year’s dornburger ­zement award went to Dipl.-Ing. ­Alexander Tasch in recognition of the brillianwt dissertation submitted by this graduate of the F.A. Finger-Institute for Building Materials...

Issue 09/2012

Award for young building materials engineers

This year the Master of ­Science Susann Dietsch and the ­Master of Science Johannes ­Mahner were presented with the ­dornburger zement award by dornburger zement GmbH & Co. KG (Fig.). Both...

Issue 05/2013

Concrete – views and prospects as well as special binders

This year the managing directors of dornburger zement GmbH & Co. KG, Anett Mysliwiec, Heiko Theuerkauf and Eckhardt Thomas, were also able to welcome many guests on the occasion of the dornburger...

Issue 06/2012

Concrete more concrete

At this year’s “dornburger baustoffthemen”, held under the motto “Concrete more concrete”, Dornburger Zement business managers Eckhardt Thomas and Heiko Theuerkauf welcomed more than 120...

Issue 7-8/2020 SK1902019 (U1)

Heating complex of the cement kiln/ lime kiln and high heat consuming devices

(22) 17.05.2019 (43) 04.05.2020 (57) The heating complex of the cement kiln or lime kiln or high heat consuming devices consists of a separate pyrolysis reactor (A) with a raw material input (C) of...