Cost-efficient solution for fine particulates ­emissions and explosion safety

PowerCore® technology developed by Donaldson provides optimum preconditions for highly efficient dust filtration in, for example, the cement and building materials industries (Figure 1). This new technology succeeds in cutting emissions of fine particulates (“dust”) and reducing the gas volume of the dust collectors critical for explosion safety simultaneously. Donaldson installations featuring PowerCore® technology are up to 70 % smaller than conventional dedusting systems.

PowerCore® filter packs are the central element. The proprietary Ultra-Web® nanofibre filter medium is used here, formed into “flutes” which capture the particles without depth-loading (Figure 2). This dust collection technology is the precondition for “downsizing” compared to conventional systems featuring filter bags or cartridges.

Ultra-Web® makes possible higher particulates concentrations on the surface of the fabric flutes than can be achieved using conventional fabric filters consisting of depth-loaded standard 540 g/m2 polyester. The comparative performance assessment between PowerCore® featuring the Ultra-Web® filter medium and 540 g/m2 standard polyester was performed by the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program in the form of an impartial laboratory test based on ASTM D 6830-02 as per EPA PM 2.5.

The filter packs have only a low weight and can be handled easily by one person (Figure 2). Changing of PowerCore® filter packs takes only two minutes, as against some ten minutes for the changing of a conventional filter bag or cartridge filter.

All PowerCore® dedusting systems include an innovative and highly effective pulse-based cleaning system. The pulsed flow reaches the entire filter pack and improves filter efficiency by keeping pressure drop low, thus prolonging service life. And these benefits are now also available to users of dust collectors installed in potentially explosion-endangered zones: Donaldson is now expanding the PowerCore® series, covering the entire airflow rate range of 1000 m3/h to 30 000 m3/h with systems which have been developed in accordance with the ATEX directive for use in potentially explosion-endangered areas of the Zones 21 and 22, and Zones 1 and 2 for gas, classifications (Figures 3, 4). The entire series of PowerCore® dust collectors is now available in an explosion-proof version which conforms to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.

A further option which is also available throughout the series is a reinforced housing type developed specifically for filtration of potentially explosive particulates and capable of withstanding a dust explosion up to specific reduced blast overpressures. These types can be fitted with a large range of different safety features. Options such as these enable users who handle explosive dusts to select precisely the system that meets their individual requirements.

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