Current projects for Fons Technology International

The Baoshan Kungang cement plant located in Shangai/China decided for a clinker cooler retrofit project. The new clinker cooler will be designed by FTI for a production capacity of 5800 t/d. The tailor-made engineering by FTI will enable the clinker cooler replacement to be carried out with reduced initial investment costs, low energy consumption and correspondingly reduce emissions which are indirectly related to the energy consumption rate. FTI will reuse the existing cooler casing, existing refractory, seven of the existing fans and the existing roller crusher. The installation date is expected for November 2019.

For the Bargarh cement works Fons Technology International has been awarded a 3200 t/d clinker cooler retrofit project from ACC Limited. ACC Limited is one of India’s foremost manufacturers of cement and ready-mixed concrete with a countrywide network of factories around India. The cooler will be designed with new casing, existing kiln hood, existing tertiary air take off, existing vent take off and existing discharge point to reuse the existing hammer crusher. The upgrade will lead to an improvement in clinker production efficiency and at the same time reduce operational costs. Installation will be in November 2019. The Taiheiyo Cement Corporation, which is one of Japan’s largest cement and building materials producers, has decided for a 5000 t/d Fons delta cooler for their production line No 5. Installation date will be December 2019.

Another FTI clinker cooler will be delivered to the Japanese esteemed cement producer Mitsubishi Materials Corp for their line No 3 at the Mitsubishi Kanda cement plant. With very detailed planning between Mitsubishi and FTI, the existing cooler casing and refractory will be reused to bring down the shutdown time to Mitsubishi’s normal winter maintenance time schedules. Installation date will be December 2019.


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Issue 2019-12 WO 2019/166067 A1


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